Ship Repair

Ship repair division, has just been introduced in 2012 to Sealink group as our third arm complimentary revenue stream. Sealink sees demand of ship repairs in the market has increased significantly and equally, as a ship operator and ship owner, it can also support the chartering arm which vessels owned under the division can be repaired, maintained, and docked at our own facilities.

By having such own in-house facilities, we can, not only carrying out maintenance and repair work for our own fleet but also for external clients. Ship repair is lead by by our subsidiary, Sealink Shipyard Sdn Bhd whch plays equally important role in ship repairs and maintenance services apart from ship building.

The yard is well positioned along the Kuala Baram River in Miri Sarawak Malaysia and equipped with various facilities like blasting, rollers, cranes, slipway that can accommodate up to 1000t dwt, maximum capacity of GRT 3000 vessel and vessel size up to 90m x 20m beam.

With such facilities and a team of experts, Sealink sees that it has the potential to drive for greater value not only in terms of its own operational cost but also for clients by increasing the availability of such service in the market.

Our Services

  • Dry Docking
  • Blasting & Painting
  • Propeller Shaft Servicing
  • Propeller Tailshaft Servicing
  • Anchor Chain / Cables Calibration Reading
  • Engine Overhauling
  • Piping Fabrication
  • Hull Damages Repair
  • Carpentry Work
  • Renovation Work

Bollard Pull Service

  • Bollard Pull Station was constructed in year 2010 in Sipitang,Sabah of East Malaysia
  • Water depth 6 metres (which is 100 metres away from on shore bollard while low tide) and up to 27 metres (which is 300 metres away from on shore bollard while high tide).
  • Water temperature around 28 degree Celsius ~ 30 degree Celsius
  • Water Salinity around 32~33 PPT
  • Water normally 0.2~0.5 m/s during morning hour (calm water)
  • Wind speed normally 1~5 knot during morning hour

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