Facilities & Resources

Production Capabilities

As we are constantly expanding our range of capabilities, the shipyards are equipped with (but not limited to) following to enhance production:

  • Up to 20 berths for ship construction (Largest barge built is 111m)
  • Overhead Cranes in each Storage / Fabrication Facility
  • Fabrication Workshop – For fabrication of outfittings, crane columns, modification of parts, etc
  • Plasma Workshop – For metal cutting, press, shear, rolling, etc machinery
  • Crawler Crane, for normal use and especially to assist in Launching Procedures
  • Lathe Machines
  • Plasma Cutting Machine

Production Facilities

250 Ton Crawler Crane 100 Ton Crawler Crane

250 Ton crawler Crane. For Assisting in Vessel Launching, SESSB

100 Ton Crawler Crane. For General Use SESSB

Lathe Machine Plasma Cutting Machine No 1

Lathe Machine, Fabrication Workshop SESSB

Plasma Cutting Machine No 1, Plasma Workshop, SESSB

Plasma Cutting Machine No 2 Plasma Cutting Machine No 3

Plasma Cutting Machine No 2, Plasma Workshop SSSB, Yard 2

Plasma Cutting Machine No 3, Plasma Workshop, SESSB

Docking Facility

SESSB is equipped with a slipway with 300 Ton winch facility to accommodate a vessel of DWT up to 3000 Ton. This shall be the largest available slipway in the area.

Slipways Still under Construction – Scheduled Completion, 2011

Bollard Pull Test Facility

Bollard Pull Test Concrete (300 T), Sipitang - Bollard Pull Station is approved by Classification Societies such as Llyod’s and ABS

Airbag Launching Technology

Vessel: SSS161 Landing Craft: SSS147 – Victoria Tujuh

Launching of 61.2m Anchor Handling Tug & Supply Vessel: SSS161

Launching of 48 m Landing Craft: SSS147 – Victoria Tujuh