HSE Excellence as Sealink Business Strategy

HSE policy 1

Sealink Sdn. Bhd. regards health, safety and environment (HSE) performance to be paramount to our ability to conduct business and compete worldwide in marine services to Oil and Gas Industry.

Therefore, HSE is integrated onto the management and measurement of Sealink’s business from the top level of corporate strategy down to the daily operation level. We understand that we must maintain strong financial performance in order to reinvest on the training, equipment upgrades and initiatives that ensure our ability to operate safely and with minimal impact on the environment.

The HSE Committee meets quarterly to review results, assess goals and performance, and resolve its related issues. In addition to the Chairman (General Manager), management from operations, human resources, business development, finance and other functions attend HSE Committee meetings in recognition of the strategic importance of HSE to Sealink’s business.

Another nexus of HSE and business is the Daily HSE/Operation Meeting chair by the Operation Manager. The first agenda item of vessel’s update is a report or issue pertaining to HSE. Other agenda items include operation matters, maintenance issues, and logistics.

Through this management, communications and operation practices, Sealink continuously reinforces the importance of HSE excellence as a business strategy.

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