Chartering Division

With more than twenty (20) years of experience in ship operation and charter management, Sealink Sdn Bhd has operated in Australia, Japan, Russia, Africa, Southeast Asia, The Middle East, South Pacific and South Asia. Sealink aims to constantly provide clients with a vessel that best suit their needs.

Among the typically awarded charters are:

  1. Anchor Handling
  2. Transportation of supplies (Equipment, Fuel & Water)
  3. Transportation of personnel
  4. Provide shallow draft vessel for geo-hydrographical work
  5. Diving Support
  6. Single Buoy Mooring (SBM) maintenance Work
  7. General Towing Works (Local & Foreign)
  8. Seismic Support

Sealink operates a growing fleet of around 30 vessels, aged between 1 - 8 years. Sealink vessels are operated with care and duly maintained to maintain their seaworthiness and reliability as we aim to provide vessels that are ready and safe for use at all times.

With shore support staff of over 100 employees with representative offices all over the world, mainly in Singapore, China, Australia and Papa New Guinea, we are able to provide support effectively and efficiently to any of our vessels operating within the regions.


Sealink has been in operations in Papua New Guinea since the early 1980’s. Though mainly involved in the Timber Industry at the time, we also ventured towards the Shipping industry and has established and maintained good relations with Clients such as Century Shipping, Bismark Maritime Ltd who are also based in PNG.

In the mid 1990’s, we operated a fleet of Tugs and Barges along the Turana and Kenga Fly River. The vessels were chartered by local companies to mainly assist in transportation and logistic support services. Though most of the vessels were not wholly owned by Sealink at the time, the vessel management of all vessels operating in the area, were assigned to Sealink Sdn Bhd.

Among the companies served during our active occupation at Papa New Guinea, were Century Shipping whom we chartered vessels to support their mining operations, and Bismark Maritime Ltd. Bismark did not own many vessels at the time and hence chartered our Landing Crafts for marine / cargo transfer, and logistic support services.

To date we maintain a representative office situated at No 2150 Tayport Road, Waigani Drive, Boroko District. The office will be the central control for the coordination of our activities in PNG. Though we are not operating self-owned vessels there at the moment, we are constantly active in providing marine logistic services to our Clients.


Sealink Sdn Bhd has successfully served countless global clients albeit through provision of charter, vessel sale or providing management of a vessel’s construction from design, construction and delivery.

We have also conducted works related to carrying of dangerous cargo and are therefore well experienced in the field of Marine Cargo Transfer.

In the late 1990’s, the company converted a dumb barge, SeaGood 101 into an Oil Tank Barge, which was chartered to numerous cargo transportation projects before being sold. The conversion of the barge to include the Inert Gas System, the Gas Freeing capabilities and other requirements for oil tanker, was conducted by the Group Shipyard, Sealink Shipyard Sdn Bhd.

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